Our Encouragement 


For our clients: 

Salon Owners, Stylist and Retail Customers


We vow to assist you in growing your business and creating innovative ideas that fit your workspace. We hope to motivate you by offering educational classes that will strengthen your product knowledge and learn about changing trends. This will help you on a professional level and sometimes even on a personal level. Creating a safe place for our clients will essentially translate to their customers and in return increase sales. We want you all to know how important you are to us and the value of our partnership. We see you as more than clients we see you as family, helping each other learn and grow at the same time. We thank you for supporting our company. 



For Our Community: 


We are proud to support local barbers and stylist whom are just starting their careers. We hope to enhance their education as well as sponsor them with product that they can utilize and learn about. 


Nazz and Qvo also enjoy helping different non-profit institutions and women victims of domestic violence by donating a percentage of our online website sales. 


We try to contribute our little grain of sand, always putting out our positive energy into the universe because of all the great blessings we have received throughout the years. We are grateful to be where we are today.