Behind the Brand

Nazly Carrizales

( Sanchez Gastelum ) 

Born 1977 in Sinaloa, Mexico

In 1992 she immigrated to The United States undocumented at the age of 15. She travelled with her single mother, 3 brothers and 1 sister in search for an escape from a very dysfunctional family where nothing came easy. In 1996 she graduated from San Pedro High School and continued on to completing a technical career in Cosmetology. 

Due to necessity, Nazly began to work in sales at age 17 in the alleys of downtown Los Angeles, also known as The Fashion District. In 1997, she began to work for Payless Shoe Store as a sales rep and key holder. Shortly after graduating from Cosmetology school she began to work at a beauty salon along with her Payless job, just to make ends meet. She did this for 3 years. 

In the year 2000 she had the opportunity to grow professionally and began to work for the Johny B Hair Products company. At this time the company wanted to expand its horizons and started to target the Latin/Hispanic community. In working with the company it allowed her to establish meaningful relationships with stylists and make up artist. This motivated her to take advanced makeup courses to strengthen her skills and reinforce what she had once learned. It is then that she discovered her passion for makeup. 

At the age of 22, her life changed yet again when she married into a mentally abusive marriage that ended in a divorce 6 years later, leaving her a single mother of two children. Those 6 years were tough and full of obstacles, but she wasn’t ready to give up. 

2004 was a year of celebration. A stylist she was fortunate to meet during her sales job invited her to participate in a make-up audition that could potentially lead to permanent employment with a television chain (channel 22). The company was interested in hiring staff for a new show. Nazly auditioned and got the job. She was extremely excited for she had found her dream job working for a television network company. She had always wanted to be a journalist, and though that never came to being,she thought that being a makeup artist was the next best thing in the entertainment business. The fact that she was undocumented made her dreams difficult to accomplish which is why she had to take the short career route. Her responsibilities at home as the eldest sister made her journey more difficult but she strongly believed that God’s times were perfect. He opened door after door until she had that opportunity to be on Television, maybe not as a Journalist but as a makeup artist something that she came to love and enjoy every single day. 

This one audition opportunity turned into a ten year career with PromoFilm. She worked for shows such as:

Jugar a Ganar with Elizabeth Gutierrez and Francisco Quiroz

Doce Corazones with Penelope Menchaca Y Edward O

Buena Fortuna with Rodrigo Vidal 

Networking became her priority and out of these shows she was frequently hired as a freelance make-up artist for other Latin television stations such as Univision, TV Azteca, Canal 62 where she did shows such as El Show de Don Cheto (Canal 62), La Academia USA (TV Azteca), various Radio a Television hosts, Mexican singers and actresses.

As good things tend to come in clusters, she was able to find love again and re-married in 2009 to a wonderful man, Albert Carrizales where they conceived another child. Now a mother to two boys and a girl, life couldn’t look brighter. Her hard work and dedication was focused on giving her family a better tomorrow. 

In search for something to call her very own, in 2014 after 20 years experience in sales in the beauty industry, her husband and her decided to carry out a new challenge in creating their own company which they would name NAZZ INC.

For Nazly, the impossible had just become possible. Though her experience laid in sales, the challenge to run a company was way more than she anticipated. Her short education didn’t allow for her to be well versed in everything she needed to know in order to run a successful company. She spent hours in front of a computer trying to learn the ins and outs of accounting through quickbooks, managing emails, inventory, sales promos, warehouse management, vendors, creating and developing product concepts and designs. Yeah, basically taking every role in the company and multitasking at all times. Did we mention that English was her second language? Yes, she was definitely a triple threat to every other competitor out there. 

Despite all the challenges, she has truly enjoyed growing as a person and developing her professional career. The relationships she has established with her customers have become long life friendships and experiences she wouldn’t changed for the anything in this world. 

She wishes to thank everyone who has supported her through her crazy adventures and ideas. 



Albert Carrizales

Albert Carrizales also known as “AC” was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1978, but raised in Huntington Park, CA. He is the only child to single mother (Bertha Carrizales). Just like Nazly, Albert had a rough upbringing and always had to work extremely hard to achieve his dreams. Now he is a restaurant owner, sales manager and founder of Nazz Hair Products and Qvo Bona Fide Hair Products

In 1996 after graduating high school, Albert found himself playing baseball at Compton College Park. Unfortunately he suffered an injury and had to stop playing. He then focused his energy into coaching at an elementary school while attending college. Albert dreamed of becoming a teacher/coach since he had to cut his baseball career short.

Soon after, Albert was offered a job at a new local restaurant called Doublz. The chain grew quickly and with it so did Albert. He went from cashier to shift leader to the general manager of 8 locations. When the 2008 crash occurred it hit every business pretty significantly. The restaurant chain made major cut backs and Albert found himself back inside of a store as manager. 

In order to make ends meet, Albert started a job in sales at Johnny B Hair Care. He worked both jobs always putting maximum effort. This made him stand out from the rest of the employees. All his hard work was not going unnoticed. The owner of the restaurant chain gave him the opportunity to own one. Albert was overly excited about the opportunity and worked even harder to run the restaurant to top standards. 

After a few years, he managed to get the restaurant to be self sustained. This left him with some time on his hands and many ideas in his head. He couldn’t sit still and so he utilized the profits of the restaurant to finance his idea of becoming a hair product distributor. With his experience in direct sales the thought of becoming a distributor to beauty salons seemed like a task he could handle. That soon led him to patent his own product line for both men and women. All that effort came to being what now is Nazz Hair Products and Qvo Bona Fide Hair Care.