About the Brand Nazz Hair Products

Nazz was founded in 2017. Each product is manufactured with the most advanced technology, care and pride in the state of California. They work with sophisticated developers to create the perfect blends of pure natural luxury.

 Nazz Inc creates unique formulas with high quality ingredients. They take pride in providing plant-based extracts, sulfate free, paraban free, cruelty free products with natural moisturizers, UV protectors and protein nutrients that are beneficial to all types of hair. 



The brand was named after Nazly Carrizales (the co-founder of the product). Now you might wonder, why utilize the wife’s name for a hair product company? Let’s just say it was written in the universe and meant to be. After 2 unsuccessful attempts to register different names (Adonis and Eros), Nazly remembered that years ago she had registered Nazz. It was her dream to have her own make up line, so she had saved a name she had in mind just in case she could make it happen. 

 The double Z in the name came from numerology. By removing the LY from her original name and adding the double ZZ, it would align the astros. (Something that Nazly believed in). 

 In elaborating packaging for the brand, a new debate came up. Albert really wanted to incorporate some spirituality into the design by adding a verse from the Bible, but Nazly was a bit skeptical. She feared that customers would associate the brand with religion. After long conversations about it, Albert assured her that many entities had used references to the Bible and it had no effect on the business. When he mentioned he wanted to use John 3:16, Nazly realized that the message was beautiful and worth adding it to their brand story. 

 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” 

 The following year while celebrating Nazly’s birthday, they realized that John 3:16 had a much greater connection to their lives. It so happened to be Nazly’s actual birthdate, March 16th (month and day). It was then that they truly believed that everything is written in the universe and by manifesting their positivity, things were aligning perfectly. 

 Nazly and Albert have led their company with honesty and responsibility, providing high quality products and excellent customer service.   

 As we all know starting and managing an independent business is not an easy task. Nevertheless, Albert and Nazly continued to thrive. In 2019, they launched a men’s product line by the name of Qvo (which translates to “Que Ondas” in Spanish or “What’s Up” in English). 

After a long journey, they have now accomplished unimaginable things. They now distribute to over 400 beauty salons in Southern California. Of course they couldn’t have done it without their amazing work team that strives to open more and more accounts. 

 “We thank them for being so committed and trusting in our vision. We will continue to work hard in delivering a versatile profile of products to keep up with the ever changing trends and demand” - Nazly & Albert.